Car Heaven is not intended to be seen as being definitive or exhaustive –
so all you anoraks out there had better take note.
Car Heaven is a celebration of style and design – it’s all about the LOOK.
I don’t care if the ’53 model had a Super Wangler fitted in Augtober of that year,
or the mudflaps were changed to da Vinci Derivatives.
I couldn’t give a monkey’s if it proved that fitting a Nicely Scrunchie gave you that extra
3 quattels per ounce of pure naked whatever-it-was.
I will never loose sleep because the knitted string map pockets were changed
to super-leather-look-vinyl in Octember of ’58.
Who actually cares that Februevery of ’54 saw the glass indicators being changed to plastic.
And does it really matter if the walnut veneer was 15 or 20 microns thick????
What I care about is the LOOK – the STYLE.

The phrase – ‘they don’t build ‘em like they used to’ – is very true,
but would you want to go back to driving a car that didn’t have synchro-mesh on the gearbox,
didn’t have a heater, didn’t have an electric starter, or countless other refinements
they didn’t build into the older cars. Those days were primitive –
but they did have STYLE. And today, some of the most beautiful machines ever made
are hitting the streets despite the ever-growing jelly-mould mentality of the computer designers.

It’s all about looks, design and style …

It’s Car Heaven.

So Pick a car and let’s go looking …

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